Dear Friend,

We need your help. You have been one of MARCH, Inc. of Manchester’s most dependable supporters. Your generosity has allowed us to continuously provide support to people with intellectual disabilities. 

Without partners like you, our organization would not be able to serve your community with the same impact. Just like a home needs a strong foundation to stand, you are the foundation that allows the folks we serve to grow toward greater independence. 

Thank you for always being there for MARCH, Inc. of Manchester.

This year will mark our 40th Anniversary. Over the years we have grown from one home to thirteen that support over seventy individuals. These homes are in communities from Windsor to Willimantic. While Connecticut is considered a leading state in providing services for people with disabilities, it is often not enough. Being dependent on the state budget challenges us from year to year.

You can make a difference for your neighbors in need!

MARCH, Inc. of Manchester is so much more than group homes. We provide a unique and invaluable service to both the individual and their families. We are committed to fulfilling every individual’s needs and wishes. Programs and community integration are vital to our folks leading independent lives. Without this support for growth, individuals with disabilities have limited options.

The Power of YOUR Support

Your contributions provide necessary funds to bridge the gap that arises due to unexpected expenses. A gift to our appeal is your opportunity to share what is important to you and to protect the future for our folks. You can truly make your community a better place to live – for everyone! 

It all begins with MARCH, Inc. of Manchester.

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